Factorial experiments are experiments wherein two or more factors each at two or more levels are used simultaneously.Such an experiment allows studying the effect of each factor as well as the effects of interactions between factors on the response variable. If the number of combinations in a full factorial design is too high to be logistically feasible, a fractional factorial design may be considered. Randomization of the run sequences is a technique commonly employed by the users of factorial and fractional factorial designs to avoid influence of unknown factors on the response.However,under factorial experiment setup, randomization can induce a large number of changes in factor level and thus make experimentation expensive,time-consuming and difficult. The number of level changes is of serious concern to experimenters in many agricultural, post-harvest and processing, engineering and industrial experiments as in such experiments one may come across some situations where it is physically very difficult to change levels of some factors. In such situations,an effective solution is to opt factorial experiments with minimum number of changes in the run sequences. For easy accessibility and quick reference of factorial experiments with minimally changes run sequences by the experimenters,here the designs are generated online. This software provides freely available solution for the researchers and students working in this area.


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